Tyler Bierce

CSLB# B1058649

Hi, I’m Tyler Bierce, the ambitious hammer wielding designer behind Bierce Design Build.

As I worked in architecture I was repeatedly astounded by the rocky process that so many building projects seemed to be subjected to in order to reach completion. Budget issues, schedule issues, sometimes sour architect-contractor relationships, ultimately ending in frustrated clients. As I looked at these issues I really viewed the source as the discontinuity created by one team designing a project and a separate team building it. I really saw it as a broken process. So, I studied and practiced both. I got my Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received amazing training as a designer. But instead of staying on the architectural side of the broken fence I got licensed as a General Contractor and honed my skills as a carpenter and craftsman – though I love designing, I’m a sucker for swinging a hammer all day. The goal was to eventually bring the whole process under one roof. You see, as you bring an entire project under the purview of one team from start to finish, there’s no more frustrated finger pointing that can happen unless I’m standing in front of a mirror – or if I’m schizophrenic, but in that case we have bigger problems.

One team working on one project towards one goal. That, I believe, is one of the best things I can do to help you achieve your vision for your home as smoothly, predictably, and enjoyably as possible.

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